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A wild journal entry appears!

Damn I never post horse apples anymore, ahaha. Anyway so I went to AUSA this past weekend and it was amazing~! My expectations were definitely met which is good, because they had been building up for years. It was wonderful spending the weekend with Jeremy <3 I got to see a lot of friends I never see. I'm glad I got to hang out with Elly a lot! And Brandon and Caitlin and John and Matt and everypony else I got to see. I really loved getting to sleep in the same bed with Jeremy. Waking up next to him was so amazing; I cried a little Sunday night because sleeping without him felt so lonely >x< We even showered together (actual showering thank you very much. There was no sexings during the weekend and tbh I'm a little glad because Idk if I would have felt ready anyway. I get the feeling I'm going to be a crier e__________e). It was a wonderful weekend.Cut for lots more text, and pictures!Collapse )

New Family Member?

So, back in November, Yuki passed away. I thought I'd never want another small pet in my room. And I still don't want another ferret, I may never get another one. (And if I do, it won't be white.) But I do really miss having someone else in my room, and having something to take care of that needs me. So I've decided that I want a hamster (possibly a rat, but most likely a hamster).
Hamsters require less dedication than ferrets, which is good because my hours at work are so damn sporadic. They only need like...15-20 minutes of out-of-the-cage time. The rest of the time they're content to run on little hamster wheels, burrow around and nest in their bedding, or munch on food. Hamsters can be nippy, but so can ferrets and Yuki never bit anyone. They're also much less expensive to care for (not that I'm only getting a hamster because they're cheaper.) and they're just so cute and round XD
So tomorrow, I'm going with my mom to the pet store and we are going to look at hamsters. I might get one if I see one that I fall in love with, but I might not get anything at all. :o I used to dislike hamsters because Kylie had two and both of them were jerks. They bit everybody and none of them lived more than a year. But my cousin had a hamster that was really tame, and my mom used to have hamsters that were the sweetest little fuzzballs ever (according to her, I wasn't around yet I don't think).
Otherwise I'd never write anything. Anyway, typing in pink this time because ~Valentine's Day~ was today. :D I went to the blvd and spent the day with Jeremy. I got there before gamestop was technically open, but his manager, Dan, let me come in and hang around out of the camera's range. Jeremy was supposed to get off at ten, but ended up there until ten-thirty. We ate lunch and then went to the theatre. We'd planned to see Just Go With It, but the next one didn't start until 1:35. It was like 11:45 then. So we decided to see No Strings Attached, but that was apparently sold out. So we saw The Roommate. Which I'd wanted to see since the beginning XD The movie was awesome; that bitch was crazyyy omg. He gave me really nice gifts >w< He gave me a hueg official Pokemon Black version poster, a signed Anamanaguchi CD, lindor truffles, and Jello mousse temptations in caramel and in mint. X3 I gave him a pillow pets orca whale, which he named after me; I also gave him a card that I'd made. >w< I'm really glad I got to see Jeremy today. I hadn't seen him since the museum trip and I just needed to see him. I miss him already :< I like seeing movies with him because we basically just cuddle the whole time XD because the little cup-holders push up between the seats.
Another update is that I got a job. I work at Carvel. I really like my boss and I like most of the aspects of the job itself. I'm still really unsure of myself and generally nervous. I hate making mistakes, and since it's my first job, mistakes are inevitable. I get jumpier and more nervous around my boss than I do the other employees that are training me. I feel like if I mess up I'll disappoint him, and I don't want to do that because he trusted me enough to hire me. I knew him before I got the job because I went to Carvel a lot because the ice cream is so good =w= Anyway, hopefully I feel more comfortable and confident soon.
Also, I'm going to be staying at gramma's AGAIN for ANOTHER WEEK. I love my gramma but...I want to stay at my house :/ I've spent more time at her house than at home the past few weeks -o- I don't like having to pack up half my stuff and go back and forth. I've only been home since Friday! But I can't just have her staying by herself :/ I'd feel guilty. I don't think anything would actually happen to her since she's pretty fit for her age. But even so. Ugh I need to wash my work shirts and pack my stuff but I so don't feel like it e________e
Why do I have an LJ? I never write in it. Anyway since there's actually something interesting (kinda sucky but out of the ordinary definitelyyy), I figured I'd make an entry.
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Awkwarrrdddd.... e_____e

So...today I had the most awkward moment ever I think. It involves creepy Asian Greg. I've had an issue with him before but I got over it because he hadn't done anything since, and I was tolerant of him (he's rather irritating but he stopped being such a creeper). The previous incident involved him reaching into my shirt after a plushie I'd put there. Wtf, dude, who does that? Anyway. That was over and done with. But today....omg. It was so funny but so creepy at the same time. Gabe brought the rest of his birthday cake to share with us today <3 It was really good cake too. So much chocolateeee *w* And it did not last long. Creepy Greg was going to get the last slice, but Avis also wanted it. It was like the bottom of a piece cause the cake was HUGE. The pieces were like 4 inches thick. Anyways, I suggested they share it, and I believe it was Corinne who said something funny about them sharing bottoms. So I asked her "Would you like to share my bottom~? ;D ;D ;D" and Greg pipes up "I would." I had no idea how to even react to that, so Corinne and I just looked at each other and died laughing. XD

Now, if it had been someone I'm actually friends with, it would not have been creepy. I flirt with Corinne all the time, because she's hot. But I'm still joking XD But Greg was just creepy and awkward about it because I barely talk to him, and he's been a creeper before, both blatantly and "discreetly". So him piping up that he'd like to share my bottom was quite weird. e_________e; 
Yuki died this afternoon. I woke up and he looked at me, but when I went to clean his cage he was dead. His eyes were open like he'd been waiting for me to come downstairs. He died alone and I didn't know til it was too late. I never got to say goodbye. He was only 6. Petco said they live to be about 8. He should've had two more years left. I was going to take him with me when I moved out of the house. My room feels so empty without him scurrying around. I don't have to keep the screen shut anymore. No more vacuuming up his hair and bedding, no more cleaning out his cage. I didn't cuddle him enough. I wish I had. I miss you Yuki, and I love you. Keep Patches company under the rosebushes okay? Maybe they'll bloom extra pretty this spring. I never meant the mean things I said when you got on my nerves. You weren't stupid at all, you were really smart. I still haven't figured out how you kept escaping last week. I probably won't know now. But that's okay. I wish you were still here. I'd put up with your scratching and noises and everything. We had 6 years but it wasn't enough.  


Was that from Hamlet? Or some other Shakespeare play? Idk. Anyways I gots words from Elly~ 

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Music Memes stolen from Sam.

Music meme:

Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 15 people (or not) and include me. Try not to repeat a song title. It's harder than you think.

Pick Your Artist:

Miyavi Desu *flails like idiot*

Are you male or female: Senor, Senora, Senorita

Describe yourself: Peace Sign

How do you feel about yourself: Ame ni Utaeba ~pichipichichappuchappuranranburusu ~

Describe your current boy/girl situation: Dear My Love...

Describe where you currently live: Coin Lockers Baby

If you could go anywhere you wanted to go: 21st Century Tokyo Blues

Your favorite form of transportation: Gigpig Boogie

Your best friend(s) is(are): Dear my friend -Tegami wo Kakuyo-

Your favorite color is: Kabuki Danshi.

Your favorite food is: FreedomFighters-Ice Cream Motta Hadashi no Megami to, Kikanju Motta Hadaka no Osama-

Favorite time of day: Night In Girl

If your life were a TV show, what would it be called: Are You Ready To Love

What is life to you: Subarashikana, Kono Seikai WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD-

What is the best advice you have to give: Girls, Be Ambitious

Thought for the Day: Sakihokoru Hana No You Ni

How I would like to die: Memories Of Bushido (Instrumental)

My soul's present condition: Nowheregod

....That would've been easier with JDA. Maybe I'll do it again another time XD

Next Music Meme
1. Open up the music player on your computer.
2. Set it to play your entire music collection.
3. Hit the shuffle command.
4. Tell us the title of the next twenty songs that show up (with their musicians), no matter how embarrassing. That's right, no skipping that Carpenters tune that will totally destroy your hip credibility. It's time for total musical honesty. Write it up in your blog or journal and link back to at least a couple of the other sites where you saw this.

1. Sugar, We're Goin' Down -Fall Out Boy (Why is this still on here? Lul.
2. Whee Sang Yang- Epik High
3. Senor, Senora, Senorita- Miyaviii
4. Pastel Colored Candy- YMCK
5. Pandora- Angela Zhang
6. Boku Wa Shitteru- Miyavi
7. Systemic Way- Josie Cotton
8. Han Usan Arae- Younha
9. Me & Mr. Jones- Amy Winehouse
10. There's a Class for This- Cute is What We Aim For
11. Gekiai Merry-Go-Round- Psycho le Cemu
12. scAtter In The depTH- Sugar (wtF iS up wiTH the TypING?)
13. Rich Girl- Gwen Stefani
14. Neng Bu Neng Yong Gan Shuo Ai- Angela Zhang
15. Gekkou- Izabel Varosa
16. Speed- Janne Da Arc
17. Talk To Me (remix) U-Kiss
18. Guns- Janne Da Arc
19. For You- DJ Ozma
20. Ice Cream Truck- NHB (HOLY MOTHERFUCK.)

Why call it "race"? Nobody wins.

I was talking to Jeremy now about race-related issues. I rarely talk about race-related issues because I always feel awkward, but this time, we had a conversation. I mentioned that I almost wanted to bring up the subject in my African American Psychology class, but decided I'd rather not. When asked why, I came upon the realization that I still feel guilty for being white. I thought I'd gotten over this, but apparently not.
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